Dripping Springs Hometown Missions

In 2010, Chuck Lemmond was the inspiration in the formation of Dripping Springs Hometown Missions (former known as Community Mission Partnership or DSCMP). Hometown Missions is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit comprised of volunteers who help the under-served in the Dripping Springs area acquire safe, healthy, livable housing and improve life skills. Chuck is the President of the Board and Bear Creek Homes is actively involved.



The Dripping Springs Community Mission Partnership, with the help of dozens of volunteers and donors, just wrapped up the "Shack to Home" project for a local family in need of a home of their own.

Building a community

Dripping Spring Century-News


As more and more neighborhoods pop up in Dripping Springs with homes that have a price tag of at least $300,000, some people like Chuck Lemmond, Dave Edwards and Jason McNutt see that as a problem.

It’s not the growth part they’re concerned about. They know that’s inevitable. They worry about the lack of affordable housing.



Evicted widowed mom of five becomes recent casualty of the affordable housing void in Dripping Springs, Texas. A local nonprofit launches a Go Fund Me campaign to secure her a place to live.

An “army” occupied Floresville June 14-20.

The event involved a 70-member contingent of volunteers, most of whom were teenagers.

The army is the U.M. ARMY, which stands for United Methodist Action Reach-out Mission by Youth. Pastor Jeana Martin of the First Methodist Church of Weimar said the young people came from congregations in Dripping Springs, Johnson City, Pflugerville, and San Antonio, as well as her own.